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The Prossimo Mio Foundation was formed in 2019 by Floriano Priori and Paola Priori Koelliker and is the fulfilment of a dream and of a project long cherished and greatly desired. The founders, as soon as they obtained recognition of the juridical status of the Fondazione Prossimo Mio ETS, decided, by donating their resources, to render it immediately operational and able to promote, support and carry out, in the present and in the future, the projects they cared most about: scientific research and support and help for the most fragile categories.

our projects

The projects so far supported and promoted by the Foundation are:

submitting a project

It is possible to ask for finance for projects relating to the social lame of the Foundation. The projects, which must be described in writing, must clearly illustrate the aim of the project, to whom it is directed and what actions and resources are needed to attain its objectives.


Prossimo Mio

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You can support the Prossimo Mio Foundation with a donation and so help it promote increasingly ambitious projects aimed at improving the conditions of life of fragile persons.

The Prossimo Mio Foundation is an ETS – Non profit organization. Contributions made to the Foundation are tax-deductible for physical persons (private individuals) and deductible for companies.

You can support the Prossimo Mio foundation in the following ways:

Fondazione Prossimo Mio ETS - IBAN IT77I0306909606100000161715 - Intesa Sanpaolo


A chance for taxpayers to destine 5/1000 of their personal income tax (IRPEF) to causes of social interest.

Donate your 5/1000 by indicating our Tax Code on your tax declaration: 97802960159

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Fondazione Prossimo Mio ETS

Via Torquato Tasso 8, 20123 Milano pin email

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