School of neonatal and paediatric surgery and foetal therapies
Accademia Policlinico Giovani

The “Accademia” project is enriched with a new important section: Accademia Policlinico Giovani

The Neonatal Surgery Department at the Clinica Mangiagalli of the Fondazione Ca’ Granda has become a national point-of-reference. In recent years, the number of interventions has increased, bringing the annual average of neonatal surgeries up to 130.

This has been made possible not only by the ability of various professionals, but also by the great dedication of the young resident students in assiduously following the patients’ progress and, above all, by their competence in elaborating the follow-up data in these complex cases.

Project “Accademia Policlinico Giovani” enriches the already existing activities realized by the Fondazione Prossimo Mio. This new initiative – exclusively for young resident students and students assigned to fetal and neonatal surgery (and similar disciplines, such as neonatal therapy, pediatrics, and anesthesia) – puts funds at their disposal that are indispensible for their formative project.

Thanks to FPM, the young students of the Accademia Policlinico will have the possibility to participate in national and international congresses and conferences in which they can present their experiences and their published work in an important moment of exchange and debate with colleagues.